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MEDSOFT - Tech & IT Solution

Manage your IT infrastructure from anywhere

Monitoring, managing, and supporting all of your devices
and usersis the key to modernizing your IT operations.

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We use a variety of technology in our projects
MEDSOFT - Security

Protection of your endpoints

With MEDSOFT, you can gain full visibility into your managed environments, automate vulnerability remediation, deploy next-generation security tools, and backup business-critical data.

  • Secure your critical business data from ransomware
  • Synchronize in real time with automatic updates
  • Control attended or unattended devices securely.
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MEDSOFT - APP Development Services

Access your business from anywhere

As a technology solutions company, we assist companies in harnessing the power of technology by developing cutting-edge mobile applications that provide an excellent user experience across all platforms and mobile devices.

With a custom Artifi-=cial Intelligence solution, you can power up your digital solution and facilitate business operations. To enhance the usability of your application and improve customer service, choose our Voice Assistant or Chatbot development services.

With a custom Android application, you can reach new audiences and drive business growth. When it comes to developing mobile applications, there are no universal solutions. We study your long-term goals and expectations carefully so that we can deliver an Android application that perfectly meets your requirements.

Develop a native iOS mobile app in Swift to reach new audiences. We provide tailor-made solutions to your business challenges through our iOS app development services. You can save time and money by letting our professional IOS development team handle your project.
MEDSOFT - Themes

Select between Dark or White system modes

The choice between dark or white theme depends on individual preferences, the intended use of the platform, and factors such as accessibility and user comfort. MEDSOFT offer the option to switch between themes or provide customizable themes to cater to a wider range of user preferences.

  • You can choose from 10 beautiful themes
  • Keep your device energy-efficient
  • Easily switch between light and dark modes
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Frequently Asked Question

Need A Support?

MEDSOFT was founded in 2023 with the purpose of simplifying the complicated workday of managed service providers and IT professionals by providing an easy-to-use, powerful, and modern platform for remote monitoring and management. MEDSOFT, headquartered in Hong Kong, has just surpassed 20 employees and continues to grow rapidly. In the MSP software sector, we remain one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies.

The MEDSOFT agent application on the device enables IT teams to monitor and manage endpoints. From the device, the agent transmits data to MEDSOFT for analysis, and from MEDSOFT for execution on the device.

MEDSOFT delivers IT management software that combines powerful monitoring, management, patching, backup, and automation functionality with a fast, modern UI that increases technician efficiency and enhances IT service delivery.

As part of the security controls implemented by MEDSOFT, authentication, authorization, and access are regulated in order to prevent malicious activities. These controls include a password policy, enforced multi-factor authentication, restricted access to source code, restricted access to cloud environments, restricted access to production services and environments, encryption of data in transit and at rest, as well as logging, monitoring, and auditing of access activity. The security guidelines associated with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR are met or exceeded by MEDSOFT

More than 600 managed service providers, small and medium-sized businesses, and mid-market companies worldwide rely on MEDSOFT.

Yes, of course! We offer a free trial period of two weeks. The entire MEDSOFT platform will be available to you during the trial period.

Every partner receives a customized price for our solution based on the number of agents they wish to deploy and the functionality they wish to utilize. As a result, we are able to offer each partner the most competitive price.

A MSP-friendly company, MEDSOFT does not publish its pricing publicly. By doing so, our MSP partners are able to shift their own pricing conversations away from the cost of tools and towards the value of their services. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized quote.

In order to become a partner, please request a trial and one of our product experts will contact you shortly.

If you are interested in becoming a MEDSOFT reseller, please fill out the form on our reseller page, and one of our channel managers will contact you as soon as possible.

Please contact your account manager if you have lost access to your MEDSOFT instance.

Our partners have access to our comprehensive product documentation through MEDSOFT E-learning. MEDSOFT E-learning can be accessed by logging into your platform account, clicking the 'HELP' in the top right corner of the applications, and choose 'E-learning / Community'.

If you have any billing-related questions, please contact your account manager or [email protected]. By copying your account manager, you can ensure that your inquiry will be handled promptly.

There are several ways in which you can obtain support from us. You may access our knowledge base and self-help articles through the E-learning section of your platform, contact your dedicated account manager, or submit a ticket through the ticket form.

If you would like to contact someone at MEDSOFT who is not listed above, please fill out the contact us form. We can then route your question to the most appropriate person so that we can respond to you as soon as possible.